I am a PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield supervised by Dr Neil Walkinshaw and Dr Robert Hierons. I have software development experience at IBM working on legacy system automation testing.

Research Areas

I am currently interested in researching testing techniques for Cyber-Physical Systems and the complex environments they work in. Artifical Pancreas Systems and Self Driving Cars present examples of systems working in complex, human interaction-based environments and make the basis for an interesting testing challenge. I am also interested in the Industry 4.0 introduction of Digital Twins and how they may impact system testing.

My current research revolves around the Sheffield CITCoM project to explore how causal inference can be used in computational model testing.

Other interests

Outside of research, I'm interested in software development and expanding my skills through new languages and frameworks, computer game development using the Godot and Unity game engines, and getting involved with my local triathlon, running and cycling groups. I am aiming to run the London Marathon in 2024.


Please feel free to contact me via Linkedin or email.